DR Government’s Plan for Tourism – 2020

In summary, their plans are:

  1. reach 10 million tourist arrivals per year by 2020,
  2. “take it to the next level” as it were in terms of “quality” tourism (not good for the “sexpats”); this means to use their exact words: “encourage 4 star hotels to become 5 star”
  3. increased cruise ship tourism, ports, docking, etc.

In the video below some real “heavy hitters” of the world of business, finance and government in the Dominican Republic discuss their views as to what the future holds for the Dominican Republic’s economy and government policy-making which will affect the economy.

One observation those of us who own small businesses in the DR will notice is that a particular sort of tourism is being promoted.  They don’t seem to focus on the idea of the long-term expat or retiree coming down to the DR. and retiring.

There are also the “romantic” tourists who flock down from the States in droves to meet their “special” someone. This is not the same type you’ll find going to an all-inclusive resort. (Well, at least not usually.).

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