Dominican Republic IT and Tech Support (from a US citizen)

Most people don’t repair their computers; at least, they don’t anymore.  People used to repair their computers and technology-related equipment (including such things as phones and routers) more than they do now. The main reason is obvious: decent new computers are less expensive than the cost of repair.  They are almost as cheap as the cost of repair. Let’s look at the extreme case, one that comes from my own personal experience.  In 2012 I bought a new HP laptop, low-end quality, from Office Depot in the United States. It has lasted until today (June 2018). How much did it cost? About $350 US dollars, new. It was 350 brand new. And it’s still chugging along.

Tech Support and IT service company in Santo Domingo

Why would you invest the time and money (perhaps around $80-100 USD, and certainly no less than $50) when you could have yet another brand spanking new computer for just a little more? You wouldn’t and neither would I. So, when is a good time to “splurge” on a repair?

In fact almost always. A competent repair shop/technician can always offer you at least a little something for your used laptop or desktop computer. Further, what you thought was a serious problem may not be.  And if the type of computer you’re after is one that will set you back at least $400 USD, then a $50-60 repair may indeed make sense. It’s likely better to wait, save, and buy the one you really want on your schedule and at the time you wish to make the purchase, as opposed to being “forced” to upgrade to a second-best sort of solution because of an unexpected break down in a particular part.


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